EXPO Balsan Exhibition Invited by BALSAN, William Amor presents ‘Symbiose’.
The artist reveals his poetic and committed universe to us through a drawing that reveals the natural graphics and the benevolent links of the living.
SEPTEMBER 7th - 16th 2023 Read more
EXPO POP’S ARTS Paris Design Week 2023 Exhibition POP’S ARTS Paris Design Week 2023 – Fondation Banque Populaire & Galerie By Chatel SEPTEMBER the 7th - OCTOBER the 7th 2023 Read more TF1 TF1 REPORTAGES Decouvertes William Amor Upcycling Artist Report Waste that is worth gold - Transforming our scrap, our waste, into treasures, this is the promise of upcycling. The art of upcycling discarded items. MAY 2023 | TF1 REPORTAGES DÉCOUVERTE Read more Magazine Investigation Magazine
Artistic crafts: a model of sustainable development?
by Myriam Bouroulle.
Signature Signature Floral creations entirely designed by the transformation of plastic material and its synthetic derivatives. LES CRÉATIONS MESSAGERES let's get acquainted Oeuvre d'Art Works of Art
The artistic work of William Amor is internationally renowned, and he creates artworks for the biggest names in the Luxury sector.
Renaissance a Rebirth From our waste is born a garden in which each inflorescence is unique. Corolla and buttons take shape under the gestures of the material ennobler luxury upcycling Waste Side Story EXPO 30 ans des Grands Prix de la Création de la Ville de Paris 2023.08.28 EXPO Grands Prix de la Création de la Ville de Paris copie Exhibition 30 years of the Grands Prix de la Création de la Ville de Paris SEPTEMBER 16th/17th 2023 Read more

William Amor and Les Créations Messagères

With ‘Les Créations Messagères’, William Amor has created a unique brand that is rich in storytelling and meaning. Driven by his commitment to addressing the important environmental issues of our day, and by his unique aesthetic, he specialises in recovering discarded materials and turning them into something beautiful.

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I am not an environmental activist. I am a poet, gently critical of society. I want people’s perspectives to change...

William Amor (Le Monde, Août 2021)

My artworks are inspired by living beings and demonstrate that the waste that we create but consider to be worthless can be elevated and can become something exceptional

William Amor (« Les bouteilles à la mer » - 2022)

There is no imperfection, there is only diversity

William Amor


Our pieces are created through a process of transforming polluting plastics into various varieties of plants, to create artworks that carry a vital message. Through our unique techniques and craftsmanship, we create custom-made artworks and decorative pieces for the worlds of fashion and design, as well as custom décor and art installations with a touch of poetry.

William Amor’s unique artistic vision sprang from a desire to create art that has an element of poetry, celebrates nature and helps protect the environment. Through his unique creations, which are full of meaning and evoke an emotional response, the artist offers a different perspective on the world surrounding us, including items whose presence, existence and origin we may have forgotten or disregarded.