Waste side story

Seeds of meaning

raw material

From disposable to exceptional

William Amor’s artistic signature is to turn the products of our consumerist society, which have been deemed to have no value and which are harmful to the environment – namely plastic waste that causes pollution – into objects of beauty. For him, a used plastic bag or packaging film has the appearance of silk, while the synthetic cellulose acetate from a cigarette stub can become a Mimosa flower, part of a marquetry-inspired design, or can be used to create a unique composition. PET and its petrochemical derivatives from packaging and plastic bottles transform into imitations of crystal and glass that are astonishingly true to life... Fibres from fishing lines and nets become beads, stray aluminium from cans becomes embossed metal... For William Amor, nothing must go to waste and everything can be of use creatively; even off-cuts and scraps from his studio are stored and incorporated into his creative process.


The seeds of metamorphosis

Consumer products, films, plastic bags and bottles, PET and its petrochemical derivatives, packaging, fabric, synthetic cellulose acetate (from cigarette stubs), carpets, PVC, plastic fibres, fishing nets and ropes, straw, aluminium from cans and other products, paper, thread, wire, cork, glass, leather... The list goes on!


Nature as muse

The artist’s sources of inspiration are many, as are the different realms to which his imagination takes him, as he lets himself be guided by nature in its different forms... Broken branches, dead trees, grass, dried flowers and preserved plants, seeds, mineral substances and natural fibres are just some of the starting points for his artistic creations.

William Amor’s unique artistic vision sprang from a desire to create art that has an element of poetry, celebrates nature and helps protect the environment. Through his unique creations, which are full of meaning and evoke an emotional response, the artist offers a different perspective on the world surrounding us, including items whose presence, existence and origin we may have forgotten or disregarded.