How does a ‘création messagère’ come into being?
How does a ‘création messagère’ come into being?
Art at work

How does a ‘création messagère’ come into being?

Inspired works, commissioned works

Whether it's a large-scale art installation or dreamscape, a sculpture, custom-made piece, decoration or unique piece of jewellery, William Amor’s designs are the result of a meeting, a request, or of the artist being given carte blanche, which gives free rein to his artistic expression. At the beginning of the creative process, the idea and the artistic inspiration will start to take shape through a sketch. This is followed by a phase of experimental research to explore waste items and scraps that have been given into the artist’s care, which he has gathered and collected over the years and which have been sorted and stored away...


Skilful hands

Surrounded by his team, William Amor performs a long process of transformation, where skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail take on new meaning. After a sterilisation phase comes the colouration or pigmentation phase. The material is then given a texture, as it becomes pleated, crimped, embossed, frosted or sculpted... The techniques used depend on the material being worked on, and are as varied as the diversity of finishes the artist creates. Finally, the multitude of painstakingly crafted decorative pieces come together to create a ‘création messagère’ (an artwork with a message), or to bring his art installations to life.


Materials and metaphor

The works of William Amor are a celebration of rarity and diversity, and are the perfect embodiment of individuality. They restore a sense of quality and value to both materials and resources, resulting in artistic creations that are full of poetry, meaningful messages and imagination. The artist does not set himself any creative boundaries when it comes to his work, but rather aims to create a vehicle to express meaning and beauty, by combining his artistic sensibility with the resilient materials he has at his disposal to create these works.

William Amor’s unique artistic vision sprang from a desire to create art that has an element of poetry, celebrates nature and helps protect the environment. Through his unique creations, which are full of meaning and evoke an emotional response, the artist offers a different perspective on the world surrounding us, including items whose presence, existence and origin we may have forgotten or disregarded.