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NewsMagazine FORBES – Presse US (Par Cathrine Todd)

Magazine FORBES – Presse US (Par Cathrine Todd)

The glittery pink jewels that sparkled in the light attracted the fashionable crowd at The Ritz Carlton Nomad ‘Champagne and Art’ event as they seemed like bejeweled beacons that called out to the sophisticated guests. As one approached closer and closer, the exquisite shapes and brilliant colors of the gems were even more impressive and as some of the guests would sneak a touch of these sparkly treasures, around bottles of outstanding Vintage Rosé Champagne, they were further astonished by the overall lightness of being that gave these jewels an otherworldly quality.

As one of the fabulous attendees gazed with amazement at these gems, a French artist, William Amor, started to explain how he can create jewelry and flowers from waste… yes, waste such as plastic bags, plastic bottles and even cigarette butts, to name a few of his materials. His flowers are just as bewildering as his gems as even to the human touch they seem so real one starts to second guess whether there were some real flowers placed among the fake ones made from waste; but no, they were all crafted from trash and sculpted by human hands.

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    William Amor’s unique artistic vision sprang from a desire to create art that has an element of poetry, celebrates nature and helps protect the environment. Through his unique creations, which are full of meaning and evoke an emotional response, the artist offers a different perspective on the world surrounding us, including items whose presence, existence and origin we may have forgotten or disregarded.