Les Créations Messagères
NewsEventsSoirée de lancement Rare Champagne, Rare Rosé millésime 2012 par William Amor

Soirée de lancement Rare Champagne, Rare Rosé millésime 2012 par William Amor

Rare Rose 2012 NYC William Amor crédit Photo : Antony Magne

Maud Rabin

Global Brand Director @RareChampagne

“Commemorating the 2012 release, Rare Champagne has partnered with French artist William Amor on Les Créations Messagères. Created in November 2021, the collaboration aims to highlight ‘art at the service of environment’ by raising awareness about environmental issues by transforming abandoned plastic materials into delicate floral works. “This is a creative, artistic and solidary collaboration for the coronation of nature,”

Through this work, Amor transforms consumer waste and recycles parts of the Rare Champagne bottles. For example, the recycled aluminum cap becomes the branch of a cherry tree; a purified plastic bag becomes a colorful flower. He also uses crystals from the champagne vats and turns them into pendants recreating them as intricate artwork in the form of grand-scale flowers.

Rare Rosé Millésime 2012 balances three distinct aromas: floral, fruit, and spices. The 2012 vintage is crafted with 60% Chardonnay and 40% Pinot Noir sourced from 12 Crus, eight of which are classified Grand Crus and three Premier Crus.”

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    William Amor’s unique artistic vision sprang from a desire to create art that has an element of poetry, celebrates nature and helps protect the environment. Through his unique creations, which are full of meaning and evoke an emotional response, the artist offers a different perspective on the world surrounding us, including items whose presence, existence and origin we may have forgotten or disregarded.